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  • Discovery


    Is the world of Energy Medicine a rather vague concept rather than a reality for you?
    Is it something that you know a little about it but would like to explore deeper?

    Imagine being able to tune into the messages your body is giving you and trust your intuition?
    Wouldn’t it feel empowering to use self healing methods with confidence?

    I am not suggesting that you will never need the support of a Holistic Therapist like myself or a medical professional, but you will be amazed by how much you can do to take care of yourself with energy medicine.

    Discovery takes place over 12 weeks during which I will guide and encourage you to tune into your own body, listen to the messages it gives you, trust your own inner wisdom and follow your own guidance to become as vibrantly well as you can be. I don’t want you to follow my path, but rather to use the skills and techniques I share and confidently discover your own way to live as vibrantly as you can.

    Your journey of discovery begins with a free phone consultation during which we discuss what you already know and what you would like to explore in more depth. This enables me to tailor your experience to your unique needs.

    Discovery is delivered via:

    9 video sessions with me where we explore ways you can use Dowsing, Crystals, Flower Essences, Potentised Water, Breathing Techniques, Meditation and simple Energy Techniques.
    Written material and suggested reading via email.
    Text messages. You can message me to request support or clarification by ‘phone. I will typically respond within 24 hours.

  • Distance Treatments


    What is Distance Healing?

    It is an instant transmission of healing energy to someone who is not physically present with the healer. Some people call it remote healing. A reasonable analogy can be found in our everyday world. We don’t give TV, social media or emails a second thought…we share data and communicate across thousands of miles in an instant even though we may not understand the science behind it. A couple of hundred years ago this would have sounded preposterous but it is now an integral part of our daily lives. Information is transmitted in the form of energy frequencies. Everything in our world, including us, is energy vibrating at different frequencies. it is exactly the same with Distance Healing in whatever form.

    I have been sending Crystal Healing and Reiki distantly for years, but the first lockdown in the UK presented me with the opportunity to join a large group of Reflexologists who experimented with distance Reflexology treatments. The results were astounding. Having now given and received many distance treatments from my peers, I can confidently say that they are as powerful as physical Reflexology sessions. Now you can choose to receive Distance Reflexology, Reiki, Chirokinetic Therapy or Crystal Healing sessions.


    Your appointment will last approximately an hour. It will begin with a video call from me for a chat about what is going on for you that you would like some support with. Then its time to make yourself comfortable while I send you a distance treatment. Lots of people like to lie down, but some prefer to get comfy in an armchair. I will message you when the treatment is finished. If you have fallen asleep or feel too dozy to talk that’s fine, just message me when you have rested and I call you to give my feedback.