I am Elizabeth Williams, an intuitive healer, grandmother, poet, writer, gardener, forager and avid beach comber. To be honest, I am a bit of a treasure hunter. 

I simply can’t walk on a beach, through fields or in woods without coming home with treasure, whether it’s plump, juicy rose hips to make into syrup or sea glass and pebbles for creating pictures.  My pockets are often stuffed with bits of driftwood for projects as yet unimagined or fossils. 

Magical treasure is everywhere. Sights, sounds and experiences inspire poems, garden produce and foraged food appear on my plate or gleam in jars and bottles in my store cupboard.  

My Work

My love of natural treasures flows over into my work…who could not see crystals and flower essences as anything but treasure? They are wonderful healing gifts from nature that can bring about the most profound changes in our health and well-being. I began using them over 15 years ago. They combined beautifully with with my established therapies, Reflexology and Reiki.

I left teaching to train as a Reflexologist in the early 1990s. Reflexology was not well known then, in fact many of my contemporaries mocked my growing belief that the body has it’s own innate healing abilities that could be stimulated through contact with reflex points on the feet. From the first time I experienced a Reflexology taster session at a small Complementary Therapy Fair I was hooked by this elegantly simple, yet profound therapy.

I was fascinated by the emerging field of Energy Medicine in all its forms.The more I explored the more I wanted to learn. My exploration lead quite naturally to becoming attuned to Reiki and studying Crystal Healing, Flower Essences and Chirokinetic Therapy. All of which are aspects of Energy Medicine. 

Things have changed beyond recognition in the intervening years. I have worked with many people with stress-related conditions and those who were experiencing major life changes, which were impacting on their health and well-being. They wished to get to the root cause of their physical symptoms using Energy Medicine. 

More people are open to discovering ways to maintain their own well-being that go beyond the field of conventional medicine. There is a sense of people claiming back their own power and taking care of themselves.

It’s now more widely known that we have a very complex human energy field that underpins and supports our physical bodies. The health we enjoy is influenced by many factors including our lifestyle, the food we consume, the people we keep company with, what we digest via social media, our thoughts, emotions, environments and experiences, in fact by everything happening inside and outside of us. 

I am insured and hold professional qualifications in Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki, Chirokinetic Therapy and teaching. I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. I look forward to meeting you.